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Ontario Hard Money

As a local  hard money lender, we specialize in rapid, short term commercial real estate financing. With these real estate loans, the financing approval focuses on the nature and value of the property being used as collateral. As a result, clients who have been previously declined by traditional banks are typically approved easily and quickly.

Our St Paul hard money loans have terms that most often range between 6 months and 5 years. But even though hard money is typically employed as short term financing, our clients often extend their loan length by renewing it repeatedly until they are ready to secure a permanent loan.

Benefits of Hard Money Loans Ontario

Hard money loans in Ontario and throughout Country have higher fees than many other types of real estate loans. But there are also huge benefits to this type of financing.


Hard money has a much faster approval timeline that other commercial financing. Our team bypasses the slow process of collecting and reviewing all the facets of your credit history. Instead, we are able to focus exclusively on the nature and value of the collateral for the loan. This creates a much more rapid movement from request to full funding.


Our team of  lenders offers greater flexibility than is found with other types of commercial financing. Hard money allows the loan proceeds to be used as working capital, to pay off costs such as taxes or equipment, to repair, improve, or expand the property, to launch new construction, to market your business, or any other use. This is in strong contrast to most commercial loans which plast strong limitations and restrictions on how the funds can be allocated, reinvested, and used. (For more information on how hard money compares with traditional financing, check out Investopedia’s article on hard money loans.)

Hard Money Lenders: Next Steps

Our hard money loan team is available to answer any questions you might have. We can give you a quick estimate of rates, or even start the process over the phone.  To start we only need the details about the collateral and the identification of the borrower who will be ultimately receiving the funds. With simply the address of your property, our team can then go ahead and verify ownership, look at comparisons of local property values, complete a preliminary assessment of the property, and provide all of the details about funding amounts and timeline.

Or, if a hard money loan isn’t right for you, then check out our other Ontario construction loans, commercial real estate loans, SBA loans, or factoring.

Understand your options.

The starting place is to become informed. Once you understand your options, available rates, and timelines you can make good decisions.  Our Ontario business loan specialists are here for you – reach out today!